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Medical industry has gained a prompt growth in the recent past along with the advancement of technology. Microscope manufacturer is a well known name in the vast vision testing industry; we bring forth for you an immense variety of products to stand with modern period. We know the sensitivity of ophthalmic surgery so that we pay keen attention to deliver the best quality vision testing equipments which is being fabricated with perfection to finish. The company has gained recognition as a leading Microscope manufacturer in Mumbai, India.

Microscope Section

1. Optical Head Indigenous
2. Eye piece wide field10x individually adjustable
3. Eye inclination 450 (ophthalmic) 900 (ENT 7 general)
4. Interpupillary Distance Adjustable from 54mm to 75mm
5. Working Distance 200mm
6. Total magnification 5x to 25x variable
7. Field of vision 12mm to 52.5mm

Illumination Section

Type fiber cable cold light guide 24V 250 Watts incorporated with heat filter.
Field of illumination 55mm.

Stand Section

1. Type Floor stand, movable with castor wheels
2. Vertical movement of counter balance arm 300mm
3. Fine focusing manual 40mm movement or motorized with foot pedal
4. Radius of rotation arm 3600
5. Base size 570mm-590mm
6. Weight 45kg. Approx

Optical Accessories

Beam splitter with CCD camera attachment, CCD camera, table clamp attachment.

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