Radhaswamy Ophthalmics



We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying different kinds of Keratometer ever since our inception. Since establishment, we have been served a wide marketplace without any complaint about quality. We have a huge listing of well satisfied clientele that enable us to growing steadily in the highly competitive industry. As a leading Keratometer manufacturer, we have set an aim to establish the business network throughout the country. Our products are precisely prepared under kind control of quality auditors who have in-depth market understanding and technical knowledge.


1. Coincidence focusing system. 15x eyepieces.
2. One position instrument. Measure both meridians without changing optical system.
3. Simple vertical adjustable head adjustable head to fit patient
4. Astigmatic axis 0 to 180 degree.
5. The achromatic optical systems to precise measurement of the corneal radius and accurate measurement of radius curvature of contact lens.

Dual eye-level sighting system.
1. Measuring Range: radius of curvature, 9.5-6.5mm (in 0.25mmsteps),
2. Dioptre 36-52 (in 0.25 steps)
3. Paint Finish: Black or white
4. Standard Accessories: Dust cover, one spare bulb

Optional Accessories: manual Stand/motorized stand.

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