Radhaswamy Ophthalmics

Artificial Eyes


Being a well known artificial eyes manufacture, these eyes are offered at vary reasonable prices. These products are fitted to replace the lost volume of the socket and restore natural appearance & movement. Our products are in demands as it is well fitted after enucleation of the anterior segment of ocular evisceration. These products are made using acrylic to be adjusted with climate and other element that may affect the eyes.

  • To uphold shape and the movement of the eyelid and for cosmetic reason
  • To keep hold of the tone of facial muscles to avoid alterations of features
  • To put off foreign bodies from entering the ocular cavity
  • To avoid accumulation of solution in the cavity and to direct secretions to proper channels
We are one of the leading Artificial Eyes manufacturers and suppliers. These eyes can be availed from us in following sizes
Available Sizes- Right & Left Section; 20mm, 22mm, 24mm, 26mm & 28mm

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