Radhaswamy Ophthalmics

Castroveijo Implant


We are one of the best castroveijo implants manufacture and supplier of India. It is uses as facilitate in imparting motility to the prosthesis by acting as a smooth convex pivotal surface. We made these implants with given a central depression by surrounding four bridges. We have accommodated four rectii muscles in the tunnels situated directly beneath the bridge. The use of our range allows the opposed muscles to sewn so as to overlap each other that are buried under the tenon’s capsule.
The advantages of Castroveijo implants are as follows:

  • It provides superior motility and necessitate very little adjustments from the ocularists
  • It offer support for the artificial eye and make it look sulken
  • It moreover serves to prevent bony deformity of the orbital wall.
  • It also assist to preserve the usual dimension of the socket

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